Storm Pipe Fundamentals

From Design to Closeout

A 5-Part Webinar Series



The Florida Concrete Pipe Association (FCPA) is hosting a 5-part webinar series over the next four months.  Each webinar is free of charge, provides one continuing education hour (CEH), and customized for your region’s local codes and case studies.  Each webinar will be a live event and offered on two dates for your convenience.  The webinars are intended to be successive, but you may register for any event and in any order that you wish.  Please refer to the webinar schedule below for registration.  Click the webinar date for the course that you want in order to register.  We hope that you attend all five courses!


Webinar Courses

  1. ASCE Standard 15 & Structural Fundamentals – ASCE Standard 15 is the basis for ASTM C1479, AASHTO LRFD Bridge Construction Specifications, and FDOT Cover Height tables  for concrete pipe.  We’ll discuss fundamentals of pipe strength and embedment.

  2. Trench Details, Specs., & Plan Notes – Details and notes communicate the installation parameters to the contractor.  Whether proper or lacking these parameters are the basis of the pipe design and long-term performance.

  3. Pre-Construction Management & Pipe Delivery – Before construction, there should be a clear understanding of site geotechnical conditions and governing codes, whether FDOT or local codes.  AASHTO R73 is the new standard for accepting concrete pipe before installation.  We will discuss some of the most important checklist items before the trench is excavated.

  4. Proper Installation - This course covers: (a) the critical aspects for durable, long-term performance of different pipe materials, (b) the requirements from FDOT, ASTM, AASHTO, and local codes, and (c) the engineer’s role and associated risks relative to pipeline performance.

  5. Post-Installation Inspection & Engineering Certification - Your final opportunity to inspect and certify the installed pipe is post-installation inspection (PII), as mandated by FDOT and most local codes.  This course covers inspection fundamentals (video, laser profiling, and mandrel), what to look for, and the ASTM C1840 standard for accepting new concrete pipe installations.